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May 2020: New video

I have taken the plunge into creating high quality (I hope) videos. My hope is to make videos regularly with a few focuses: education, performance and maybe non-music related. At a time when we are particularly oversaturated with online video content I am thinking very carefully about how to present interesting content that will hold viewers’ attention. In the past I have avoided doing this because I figure there is just so much stuff out there already, but an experiment in trying to improve my audio mixing skills led to creating a video.

The first video I have made is me play-testing a mouthpiece that a buddy of mine from Pennsylvania gave to me as a gift. Jerry Laboranti gave me a screamin’ Meyer 6M that has been refaced by James Bunte. I have been playing it as my main piece now (unfortunately haven’t been able to use it on any gigs for obvious reasons.)

I’m thinking my next video will be educational. Short and to the point, I’m think about talking about warmups and common misconceptions/misunderstandings that come with practicing overtone and longtone exercises, all based on my own frustrations and discoveries over the year. It’s not exactly original material, everything I’ve learned is from teachers and the like, but I can offer insight into problems that young players may be having because I had the same problems.

Anyway, I hope you like the short video! Improvements to come as I learn more about this process.

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